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     At Kid-Epics, we have written two books on healing emotional trauma. Our first is Some Way Home: A Memoir in a Myth is a narrative based on the true story of a typical, foster-care child in his search for a loving and supportive family and demonstrates the healing process. The second, Parent to Parent: Healing Emotional Trauma is a non-fiction discussion of the effects of early childhood emotional injury and how it may be healed.

Based on a true story, Some Way Home is a tale of love and redemption. It depicts the healing of an abused and neglected boy named Dylan. It is a story depicting a long night's journey into day. Many adults, who tried to help along his way, did more harm than good until a naïve couple adopted him at five years old. These 'forever parents' rise to the challenge of parenting this boy in danger of being lost forever. 

After Dylan's first short stay in foster care, he and his brother move in with their Aunt Patti, who wishes to adopt them. There, Dylan and Patti fall in love. Unfortunately, Patti is also living with her boyfriend, Bruce, who becomes the "bad daddy". Eventually, after various episodes of brutality and loss, Dylan is permanently removed from Patti and placed into the foster care system again. The story continues as Dylan's social worker, Adam McDonnell, tries to heal Dylan's hurt and place him into a safe environment.    

This novel takes a hard look at the inner workings of both the family and the foster care system. It discribes the price society pays when that system does not achieve the results it should. Some Way Home is a passionate portrayal of adoptive parents struggling to heal a child devastated by trauma. It takes its readers through the highs of victory and the inevitable emotional lows of relapse and failure. In the end, the reader is left with an inexplicable victory obtained through enduring compassion. 

 (Some Way Home has been rated 4.5 of 5 stars on Amazon Books)

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Parent to Parent: Healing Emotional Trauma - Bk | Kid-Epics Expressions

Parent to Parent: Healing Emotional Trauma   

How many emotionally injured children are there in America today? It’s uncertain but easily millions. Most of these children go untreated; many unnoticed or falsely labeled ‘bad kids’. While the damage to them is not well understood, the increase in anti-social behaviors stemming from unhealed trauma and abandonment is disastrous. Our homes, schools, communities, and judicial system all pay a price for unhealed children.

This book is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars

Healthcare professionals are either uncertain what to do with them or believe that they cannot be “fixed” after a certain age. Schools don’t understand, so aren’t much help. And our courts, now filled with them, can only punish and make matters worse. But Parent to Parent describes how to make them whole.