Attention! Attention! (second effort w/ this new App.

Attention, Attention!
 Kid-Epics is announcing our new website completely redesigned but residing and refocused at the same cyber-address: We are inviting you to come visit, explore and interact with us.   We hope we’ve created a place for people to get together, share creative ideas, and learn about emotional healing, especially of children who have suffered from trauma or adverse events.  
  At Kid-Epics, we wish to help individuals and families find wholehearted connectedness in their lives through imaginative expressions. It is our intent to teach how to increase success, co-operation and love in families and schools, and provide a place for discussion and mutual support along our personal paths.
  Through the focus on emotional understanding, our wish is to encourage interaction with our blog and to be available to answer questions or just talk things over; minimizing classroom and family disruption while providing positive interventions 
  In addition to our books, we have consolidated our experiences and learning into digestible pieces. You’ll find art, educational discussions, and music to enjoy, which represents the contentment we have when pursuing our goal of helping, a goal we wish for everyone. Spend sometimes at and let us know what you think.   
  If, after visiting us, you have any questions or comments, we’d like it if you’d leave us a message on the Kid-Epics Conversation page, which we promise to respond to, hopefully to help. We know, from personal experience, just how difficult a job you have helped with the healing of traumatized children. Such is the conditions of this work raising children. Traumatized children are difficult to teach and raise but the rewards are great when we persist to the end. There are only a few ways to fail, mostly failure comes with giving up.
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